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Ages 8+ | 12 Classes | 60 mins

Ignite your child’s creativity this summer with our engaging art courses at Bluebanzee. We offer a variety of fun and educational classes, including Watercolor Illustration, Geometric Patterns, and Sketching.

🎨 Course Highlights:

  • Watercolor Illustration: Explore techniques and create vibrant artworks.
  • Geometric Patterns: Design stunning patterns with shapes and symmetry.
  • Sketching: Learn fundamental drawing skills and improve artistic expression.

Let’s make this summer a masterpiece of creativity and fun! 🌟

- online
- group classes
- three classes every week
- max. 5 learners per class

- sketchbook for drawing
- watercolor sketchbook (300 gsm grained paper)
- sakura pigma micron fine liners (0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 0.8)
- pencil, kneaded erasers, ruler, sharpener
- water paints (cake palette)
- paint brushes (round and flat brush)
- paint brushes (round and flat brush)
- compass
- palette
- ruler
- tracing sheets

- a set of pencils (H series and B series)
- blending stumps

Learners can join any time. No catching up on previous material is required.

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