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Ages 5+ | 20 Classes | 60 mins

Let your child's creativity enhance with our vibrant lineup of classes tailored for kids. From doodle art to poster painting, every class will be a delightful experience.

🎨 Doodle Art:

Let imaginations soar as kids turn doodles into delightful creations, discovering the joy of lines, shapes, and colors in playful ways.

✍️Kids Graffiti:

Encourage artistic expression through writing styles as children explore the world of graffiti on paper, mastering lettering techniques in a fun and supervised setting.

🖌 Poster Painting:

Watch as little artists bring their ideas to life with vibrant colors and bold designs, creating imaginative posters that showcase their unique vision.

🔬 Artful Science:

Merge art and science in beautiful artworks where children explore the wonders of creativity through scientific discovery, sparking curiosity and innovation.

🏺 Create with Clay:

Let tiny hands sculpt, mold, and shape their imagination with clay, where every pinch and roll tells a story waiting to be discovered.

- online
- group classes
- five classes every week
- max. 5 learners per class

- sketchbook 
- sketchbook for painting (thick)
- A4 size colored papers and white papers
- poster paints
- color pencils, crayons and markers
- round sponge brush 
- paint brushes (round and flat brush)
- palette
- paper glue/stick glue
- set of modelling air-dry clay (12 or 24 colors)
- clay modelling tools
- scissors
- black marker (thick and thin)
- pencils, erasers, sharpeners and ruler

Learners can join any time. No catching up on previous material is required.

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