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Learn HTML & CSS

Learn HTML & CSS

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Ages 8-18 | 12 Classes | 60 mins

Learn the basics of web development with HTML and CSS. In this course, you'll learn how to create beautiful and responsive web pages, add interactivity with JavaScript, and understand the fundamentals of website design. No prior coding experience required. Join us and create your own website from scratch!

- online
- 1-1 classes
- three classes every week

To be shared during or after registration.

Learners can join any week. No catching up on previous material is required.

Essential for Web Development: HTML and CSS are essential languages for web development, allowing developers to create and style web pages

Career Opportunities: Learning HTML and CSS can lead to career opportunities as a web developer, designer, or front-end deeloper.

Easy to Learn: HTML and CSS are relatively easy to learn, making them a great starting point for those new to programming

Week 1:
Introduction to HTML and web development
Basic HTML tags and syntax
Creating a simple webpage

Week 2:
Introduction to CSS and stylesheets
Basic CSS syntax and properties
Styling a webpage with CSS

Week 3:
More advanced HTML tags and syntax
Creating links, lists, and tables in HTML
Combining HTML and CSS to create a more complex webpage

Week 4:
More advanced CSS properties and selectors
Styling a webpage with more complex layouts and design elements
Introduction to responsive design and mobile-first development

Week 5:
Introduction to web development tools (e.g., text editors, browsers, debugging tools)
Setting up a local development environment
Creating and managing files and folders

Week 6:
Creating forms in HTML
Adding interactivity with JavaScript
Validating user input with JavaScript

Week 7:
Introduction to version control with Git
Setting up a GitHub account and repository
Pushing and pulling changes with Git

Week 8:
More advanced CSS concepts (e.g., flexbox, grid, animations)
Creating more complex page layouts with CSS
Debugging CSS code and common browser compatibility issues

Week 9:
Introduction to SEO and web accessibility
Optimizing a webpage for search engines
Making a webpage more accessible to users with disabilities

Week 10:
Creating and styling multimedia content (e.g., images, videos, audio)
Embedding multimedia content in a webpage
Optimizing multimedia content for web display

Week 11:
Introduction to web hosting and domain names
Setting up a hosting account and domain name
Uploading files to a web server and publishing a website

Week 12:
Final project: Students will work on a final project of their choice, applying the skills and concepts they have learned throughout the course. They will present their project to the class and receive feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Note: The duration and difficulty level of each class may vary depending on the age and skill level of the students.

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