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Javascript Essentials

Javascript Essentials

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Ages 8-18 | 12 Classes | 60 mins

Learn JavaScript, the programming language of the web! In this course, you will explore the fundamentals of JavaScript, from variables and functions to loops and conditional statements. Develop your problem-solving and critical thinking skills as you create interactive web pages and dynamic web applications using JavaScript.

- online
- 1-1 classes
- three classes every week

To be shared during or after registration.

Learners can join any week. No catching up on previous material is required.

Versatility: Python is a versatile language used in a wide range of applications, from web development to data science

Easy to Learn: Python is relatively easy to learn, making it a great language for beginners

High Demand: There is high demand for Python developers in the job market, with opportunities in various industries such as finance, healthcare, and tech

Week 1:
Introduction to JavaScript and web development
Basic programming concepts: variables, data types, and functions
Creating simple programs using JavaScript

Week 2:
Introduction to the Document Object Model (DOM)
Manipulating HTML elements using JavaScript
Basic event handling using JavaScript

Week 3:
Understanding loops and conditional statements in JavaScript
Creating programs with loops and conditional statements
Building interactive programs using loops and conditional statements

Week 4:
Understanding arrays in JavaScript
Creating and manipulating arrays
Building programs that use arrays

Week 5:
Introduction to object-oriented programming concepts in JavaScript
Creating objects in JavaScript
Building programs that use objects

Week 6:
Understanding functions in depth
Creating and using functions in different contexts
Building programs that use functions

Week 7:
Working with external libraries and frameworks
Understanding how to use JavaScript libraries and frameworks
Building simple projects using external libraries and frameworks

Week 8:
Debugging and error handling
Understanding common programming errors and how to fix them
Building programs that handle errors gracefully

Week 9:
Working with APIs
Understanding what APIs are and how to use them
Building programs that use APIs

Week 10:
Introduction to web development frameworks
Understanding what web development frameworks are and how to use them
Building simple web applications using a framework

Week 11:
Understanding advanced programming concepts
Exploring more advanced programming concepts, such as recursion and algorithms
Building programs that use advanced programming concepts

Week 12:
Final project
Using the skills learned throughout the course, students will work on a final project that demonstrates their understanding of JavaScript programming. The project can be of the student's choice, as long as it incorporates various concepts learned throughout the course.

Note: The duration and difficulty level of each class may vary depending on the age and skill level of the students.

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