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Create With Clay!

Create With Clay!

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Ages 5-12 | 8 Classes | 60 mins

These exciting and hands-on air dry clay classes are suitable for creative minded children who enjoy tactile experiences. Young artists will have the opportunity to mold, sculpt, and create their own masterpieces using air dry clay. They will explore different techniques, such as pinch pots, coil building, and sculpting, while learning about texture, shape, and form.

Through a variety of fun projects, kids will discover the joy of working with this versatile and mess-free clay that doesn't require firing. Our experienced instructors will guide them in unleashing their imagination, developing their fine motor skills, and fostering their artistic expression. Whether it's making adorable animal figures, colorful jewelry, or imaginative sculptures, each child will have the chance to bring their unique ideas to life.

So, are you ready for a world of artistic exploration and endless fun? :)

ℹ️ Details

- online
- group classes
- two classes every week
- max. 5 learners per class

🏫 Material Required

- set of modelling air-dry clay (12 or 24 colors)
- clay modelling tools
- mugs or cups for decoration
- Glue

📝 Pre-requisities

Learners can join any week. No catching up on previous material is required.

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