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Arabic Script Calligraphy

Arabic Script Calligraphy

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Ages 8+ & 20+ | 8 Classes | 60 mins

In these classes, students learn and practice various widely used Arabic scripts including thuluth, diwani, maghrebi, and kufic. Starting from basic strokes, they will gradually do formation of 'huroof' and 'nukaat'. We use a traditional reed pen (kalam), and dot system to form words and sentences.

ā„¹ļø Details

- online
- 1-1 classes
- two classes every week
- max. 1 learner per class
- 20+ age group is currently for females only

šŸ« Material Required

- white papers (glossy sheets or printing papers)
- kalam (bamboo or parallel pen of nib 4mm)
- ink of any kind (calligraphy ink, prima drawing ink, omega ink)
- small box for ink preparation

šŸ“ Pre-requisities
Learners can join any week. No catching up on previous material is required.

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