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Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Painting

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Ages 8-16 | 8 Classes | 60 mins

Acrylic painting is a popular medium for artists of all levels due to its versatility and water-solubility. In these classes, students learn about color theory, composition, brush techniques, and layering. They also learn how to create different effects with acrylic paints, including glazing, impasto, and dry brushing. Acrylic painting classes are a great way to bond with friends or family while exploring your creativity. These classes provide a relaxed and supportive environment where students can have fun while learning a new skill. Bringing friends to the class can create an opportunity for bonding and shared experiences, enhancing the overall learning experience.

- online
- group classes
- two classes every week
- max. 5 learners per class

- sketchbook for drawing
- sketchbook for water painting (thick, grainy sheets)
- colored papers and white papers
- color pencils, crayons and markers
- watercolor paints (cake set)
- paint brushes (a thin and a thick round brush)
- palette
- paper glue/stick glue
- scissors
- straws
- pencils, erasers, sharpeners and ruler

Learners can join any week. No catching up on previous material is required.

Improved creativity and self-expression: Acrylic painting classes provide a safe and supportive space for students to explore their creativity. Through this process, students can develop a greater sense of confidence in their artistic abilities

Critique: Students are encouraged to share their ideas and provide feedback on each other's work. This creates a collaborative learning environment

Stress relief and relaxation: Acrylic painting classes provide an opportunity for students to take a break from their busy lives and focus on a relaxing and enjoyable activity

Community building: Acrylic painting classes are also a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Whether you come alone or bring a friend, you'll find that these classes are full of like-minded people who share your passion for art

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