Very clever artistic teaching
My 3 kids joined this classes and enjoyed it so much. A variety of drawing, water painting and hand crafting activities create an environment of excitement. They started with learning the basics and then proudly made products they couldn’t believe it’s theirs ❤️
– Israa on Drawing, Painting and Crafting [Nov 30, 2023]
Inspiring content and very patient teaching
My son has learned concepts and solutions for Rubik's cube quickly and really enjoyed how to solve it with Teacher Saad every time. He always sits with his Rubik's cube when he needs some fun or rest after homework. Teacher Saad was so patient and professional to guide us from a beginner to a little expert.
– Sarah on Rubik's Cube Wizardry [Sep 18, 2023]
It was an amazing experience
Mrs.Zainab is a very talented teacher, she is very patient with her students and would teach them a lot of new techniques and skills, she is very flexible with the timings and can manage all the classes in a professional manner. My daughters really loved her and the painting classes.💗💗
– Eman gabal on Acrylic Painting [Sep 02, 2023]
Excellent class
My son loves this chess class very much. The teacher is Very patient and explains beautifully about the game and also revises the previous class lessons. Each and every child is getting equal attention. The teacher understands the child psychology well and very patiently replies to the students. My son is able to master the techniques. Thank you so much BlueBanzee team!
– Sai Adithya on Learn Chess [Jul 08, 2023]
The teacher is very skilled and patiently teaches the tricks and techniques as per the kids age level. My kids both really love the chess classes.❤️❤️
– RevathyAhnanth on Learn Chess [Jul 03, 2023]
The teacher is very skilled and truly knows how to guide step by step. My daughter really enjoys her lessons and has honed her skills beyond belief. Truly worth it, and received 100% satisfaction.
– Safoora on Nature Sketching [Jul 02, 2023]
Amazing Classes
The feedback from my kids has been beyond satisfactory. My daughter really enjoys these lessons and has learned a lot. The teacher is very sweet and understanding, and keeps the lessons engaging. It was an absolutely worth it experience, and leaves me behind with no regrets.
– Safoora on Arabic Script Calligraphy [Jul 02, 2023]
Big fun
Miss zainab is great, very loving and kind. She helps each student with individual attention and patience. I highly recommend these classes, as children are guaranteed to thoroughly enjoy them!
– Bousy on Drawing, Painting and Crafting [June 2, 2023]
Great classes
Very nice and helpful teachers and great art lessons. My daughter enjoyed them a lot .Thank you!
– Aline on Drawing, Painting and Crafting [May 16, 2023]
Love the Classes!
After joining this class it made me confident to draw, shade and color. Beautiful life sketches I learned. The teacher is so interactive and would also consider our opinion. They are a lot patient for each query we ask. In my personal opinion, I just love the class and eagerly wait for each class!
– Davin Thomas Nitin on Nature Sketching [Apr 28, 2023]
Amazing classes and amazing people!
My daughter loves all the drawing, painting and craft classes. The teachers are great, very loving and kind. Help each student with individual attention and patience. I must also mention Ms Zainab in particular for all her amazing communication skills and for always making us feel valued and trusted! Highly recommend these classes and kids are for sure going to enjoy! One of the best online class providers I have come across. Very professional! Would like to wish continued success to the entire bluebunzee team! We love you and keep up the amazing work!
– Disna Chathurani on Drawing, Painting and Crafting [Apr 29, 2023]
Very friendly teachers
Classes are going wonderful. Teachers are very friendly and supportive and best part is they give full attention to every kid.
– Um Sarah on Drawing, Painting and Crafting [Oct 23, 2022]
Profoundly Transformative
Cail was afraid to use watercolor as a medium. She's 8 and most of the time (before she took this class) it will be a mess. But lo and behold, she creates masterpiece with the teacher's guidance each time. Thank you bluebanzee!! It's always a great day whenever it's paint day.
– JC on Water Color Illustrations [Aug 27, 2022]
We were hesitant at first to enroll to a drawing class online BUT the 1st class says it all. The teacher is so talented and really has "magic" when it comes to teaching my child. She now knows the basics and more! I always feel overwhelmed after each class as Cail's drawing gets better every time.
– JC on Anime Drawing [Aug 27, 2022]
Amazing Experience!
Very amazing experience. The teacher never hurried and gave extra time if the task of the week was not completed. I am very satisfied.
– Abdul Raheem on Mobile App Development [Aug 13, 2022]
Love the Class!
Very friendly and compassionate teacher. Goes smoothly over the program and answers all our questions. I love this class!
– Nigare Mneimneh on Arabic Script Calligraphy [Aug 13, 2022]
Learning a lot!
I started very young in sketching where I only have very little experience. But after taking the classes, I noted the change tremendously.
– Shihab on Portrait Sketching [Jun 07, 2022]
Highly Recommended for Mothers!
The teacher is a very good and talented artist. She taught us different skills so well that it becomes very easy to pursue my dream of painting after having two kids. I wish I joined her class earlier. I will recommend everyone who wish to learn painting. The teacher is so accommodating for class timings as the timings are a major problem for so many married women as we have to juggle between our house responsibilities, kids and our passions at a same time.
– Ayesha on Acrylic Painting [Mar 04, 2022]