- What is Bluebanzee?

Bluebanzee offers live interactive and joyful classes on a variety of skill sets. Students can explore and choose classes based on their interests and learn from experienced instructors in the best fun way possible. Unlike standard academic institutions, Bluebanzee gives students the opportunity to take whichever classes they want, whenever and wherever.


- Which kind of classes are offered on Bluebanzee?

We offer a variety of classes in the fields of arts, coding, music, and academics.


- Students of which age groups can take Bluebanzee classes?

We offer classes for all age groups starting from kids to adults. Minimum age requirement is mentioend along with all classes.

- Is there any technical infrastructure required to take Bluebanzee classes?

Bluebanzee classes use standard video call tools like Zoom, Meet, or Teams.

- Are there any per-requisites to take Bluebanzee classes?

Pre-requisites, if any, are mentioned in details of all classes.

- Are these classes via live video calls or recorded sessions?

Live video calls.

- How long and often are the classes?

Duration and frequency of classes are mentioned in details of all classes. Usually, these are 2-3 times each week for four weeks.

- Can I claim a refund if I no longer wish to take classes?

Please see our Refund Policy.

- What if I have a question not listed above?

Please reach out to us via phone +92-335-192551, or email hello@bluebanzee.com